2000W Heat Gun

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Product Description

  • 2000W Heat Gun
  • *Voltage:220-240V
  • *Standing upright on a work surface so that both your hands are free
  • *Precision heat control for paint stripping, shrink wrapping, drying out wet timber or defrosting
  • Professional
  • Can remove paint, with hot air nozzle and scraper with better use
  • Remove self-adhesive stickers and decoration
  • Dissolve frozen pipes, frozen door locks, padlocks, etc.
  • In dealing with grease or replace the old mill, you can soften first
  • Dry the damp wood before it is assembled or processed
  • Shrinkable PVC film as a protective package
  • Can be used in the sled waxing or wax removal
  • Shrinkable connection with metal polyethylene material
  • Soften the weld